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Energy Solution offers the best elements for industrial carburation

Gas Trains, Zero Pressure Regulators, Solenoid Valve: discover Dungs and Kromschröder range

Despite their apparent simplicity, these elements for industrial carburation, play a very important role in a combustion plant and have the purpose of conveying the fuel to the inlet flange feeding machine, adjusting and stabilizing the pressure. Particular problems may arise in fact due to the high pressure of the gas inlet and by the observance of strict regulations to ensure the safety of the system and the people who work in it.

Energy Solution offers its customers a meticulous assistance in the design of the most appropriate, proposing solutions that ensure the plant from malfunction with considerable fuel savings. The choice is made on such brands Dungs and Kromschröder, with the possibility of providing individual operating components, measurement instruments and control of fuel flow.


Valvole AKT
Manual valves AKT…TAS
Manufacturer: Kromschröder

Thermal equipment trips can be used in industrial and commercial installations, in the event of fire, they isolate the gas pipeline and provide long-term protection against the uncontrolled escape of gas and a potential explosion.

Regolatore j78R
Gas pressure regulators J78R – 60DJZ
Manufacturer: Kromschröder

For controlling the pressure of the gas or air supply to gas burners and gas appliances. An optional connection for pilot gas lines or pressure test points is available for the inlet of the J78R.

Filtro GFK
Gas filter GFK
Manufacturer: Kromschröder

Suitable for filtration of the fuel gas and combustion air supply to all gas consuming appliances.

Dungs Gas trains

Dungs contributes to safe, clean combustion of gas and oil for heating, manufacturing top-quality technological products and systems for the heating and process heat industry.?Dungs places the highest demands on the quality of its products and attach great importance to the cooperation with its customers in order to improve its products and strengthen the position of the company.?To achieve its goals, Dungs is always willing to explore new areas and implement innovative ideas to become the experts in the field of safety and control technology

rampe complete
Subassemled and tested gas trains
Manufacturer: Dungs

Complete gas train already assembled, tested and ready to be installed on the engine.
Our systems can be equipped with other devices, subassemblies and functional parts to meet specific application requirements.

Stabilizzatori FRS
Pressure regulators FRS
Manufacturer: Dungs

Gas pressure regulator for gas burners and gas equipment. It does not contain any non-ferrous metals, suitable for gases of up to max. 0.1 vol.% H2S, dry. Suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.

Stabilizzatori FRS
Double solenoid valve DMV-D
Manufacturer: Dungs

Application: Double solenoid valves are used where two single valve were mounted previously. In connection with DUNGS gas regulators and additional components, a wide variety of regulating tasks can be performed.

valvole farfalla

Throtte Valve

Energy Solution customises throtte valves for customers and markets the brands of major brands such as Heinzmann and Woodward.

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