9907-014 Woodward Forward Acting 2301A Speed Controller

Woodward forward acting 2301A speed controller P.N. 9907-014

The 2301A Full Authority Speed Control sets the speed or load of a diesel engine, gas engine, steamturbine, or gas turbine according to the demand of a process or a computer controlsignal of 4–20mA or 1–5 Vdc.

The unit provides control in the isochronous mode, with droop available through an externally wiredpotentiometer. The isochronous mode is used for constant speed of the controlled prime mover ifitcanprovide power to satisfy the load.The 2301A Speed Control is compatible with Woodward SPM-A synchronizers, load sensors, and other powergeneration controls. These controls can be added to the system at any time, using the auxiliary or SPM inputsto the 2301A Speed Control. The 2301A Speed Control is available for forward-or reverse-actingapplicationsandcan be used with single or tandem actuators. High voltage models accept 88 to 132 Vac or 90 to 150 Vdc,and low voltage models accept 10 to 40 Vdc supply for control power.2301A Speed Controls are also availablewith 4–20 mA speed-setting input.

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Two set speeds:

The control has potentiometer-set Low Idle and Rated Speed settings which are selected with aswitch.

Special features:

Start Fuel Limit: A specialcircuit in the control provides a limit to the maximum fuel setting while an engineis starting. This feature helps limit exhaust smoke and engine damage.

Ramp Times: Acceleration time from low idle to rated speed may be adjusted from 1 to 22 seconds. Theramp time from rated to idle is always less than 1 second, regardless of the setting of the ramp-timepotentiometer.

Reset, Gain, Actuator Compensation: Three adjustments are available to permit accurate, responsive enginecontrol. The GAIN control adjustsresponse time to transient load changes. RESET adjusts the overshoot andundershoot which occurs in response to load swings. ACTUATOR COMPENSATION sets dynamic responsetime within a 0 to 500 millisecond range to match the time constant of the fuel system.

Power Supply: 2301A Speed Controls accept either a high-or a low-voltage power source. The low-voltagemodel operates on 10 to 40 Vdc, and the high-voltage model operates on either 88 to 132 Vac or 90 to 150Vdc.

Product Specifications:

  • Speed Range: A switch selects one of the following ranges (rating is based on frequency ofsensed gear, not engine rpm).
    • 500 to 1500 Hz 2000 to 6000 Hz
    • 1000 to 3000 Hz 4000 to 12 000 Hz
  • Speed Sensing: 1 to 30 Vac. Maximum load is 1 kat 1 kHz
  • External Speed Trim:±5% speed adjustment with 100potentiometerLM301
  • Signal to Actuator:0 to 200 mA, 30 to 45,standard
  • Temperature Limits:–40 to +85 °C (–40 to +185 °F) operating temperature–55 to +105 °C (–67 to +221 °F) storage temperature
  • Humidity Limits:95% at 38 °C (100 °F)
  • Vibration and Shock:4 Gs vibration between 5 and 500 Hz. 60 Gs shock
  • Steady State Speed Band:±0.25% of rated speed
  • Auxiliary Input:Allows load sharingaccuracy of ±5% of rated load with speed settingsmatched when using optional load sensing equipment

9907-014 woodward

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