Safety Solenoid Valve Dungsa MVD2055-230

Dungs solenoi valve AS per EN 161

Safety solenoid valve Dungs MV/4, MVD, MVD/5, MVDLE/5 is a single-stage automatic shut- off valve as per EN 161 for gas burners and gas appliance.

  • Class: A
  • Group: 2
  • Single Stage Mode
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Technical Description

Single-stage solenoid valve, normally when closed, fast opening, fast closing, manual limitation of flowing gas volume by adjusting main volume. The solenoid valve is used for burners and gas appliances, securing, limiting, shutting off and releasing gas supply to gas MV/4 Range of application: for large breaking capacities, e.g. pulsed firing. Safety solenoid valve Dungs MV is suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.

  • Max. operating pressure up to
  • Normally closed
  • Main volume adjustable (MVD/MVDLE)
  • DC solenoid, rectifier wiring with radio interference suppression in terminal box with PG screw union
  • Mountable closed position signal contact to monitor closed position of valve (…/5)
  • Pipe thread as per ISO 7/1
  • Flange connection as per DIN EN 1092-1
  • Reliable function, rugged and maintenance-free
  • On request, design without non-ferrous metals
  • DN50

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