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Control unit and accessories

Here you find the functionality of the best control units

Energy Solution constantly selects for its customers the best systems, control units, pick up, gas mixers, currently on the market, paying particular attention to their quality, precision and strenght in order to offer solutions able to improve the performance of any engine.

The importance of the injection process

The injection process has undergone numerous improvements over the years, particularly in the optimization of control cards, to achieve high standards of performance, less polluting emissions and better cold start even in extreme conditions. It can not however ignore the ignition, the use of low-quality spark plugs can nullify the positive effects of even the best injection systems and can lead to significant efficiency decreases or, in the worst cases, to sudden costly downtime.

Altronic CD 200
Altronic CD 200
Altronic CPU-95
Altronic CPU 95
Altronic III
Altronic III Ignition System


Altronic builds sinze many years the ignition module for industrial gas engine, from small to big engines, almost utilizer MWM, BERGEN, IVECO, WAUKESHA, MTU GUASCOR and many other engine manufactoring company


Altronic I – Altronic II – Altronic III – Altronic V – CD 1 – CD 200 – CPU-90 – CPU-95 – CPU-2000 – CPU-II – NGI Ignition Systems – Vari Spark – D.I.S. – DISN

Energy Solution

Energy Solution offers a wide range of gas mixers or primary manufacturers (such as Woodward and Heinzmann) or adapts them according to customer needs.


We are able to offer a wide range of products for all your needs: reels, candles, spark plug cables, ignition and control systems, exhaust systems, gas ramps and much more.



Discover our services and service packages: spare parts supply, technical supervision, telephone assistance, staff training, full service interventions, maintenance and much more.