10702067 Murphy Temperature Swichgage Model 20T-300-4-1/2

20T-300-4-1/2: 2″ Temperature Swichgage®; 140-300° F. Temp Range; 4 Ft. Capillary Length (10702067)

The gage mechanism is enclosed in a steel case coated to resist corrosion. A polycarbonate, break-resistant lens and a polished, stainless steel bezel help protect this rugged, built-to-last instrument. This vapor actuated gage features a sealed capillary tube and a sensing bulb. When subjected to heat, the liquid in the sensing bulb changes to vapor creating pressure against the diaphragm mechanism. The diaphragm translates this vapor pressure into a mechanical gage reading. The gage pointer acts as a temperature indicator and as one switch pole which completes a circuit when it touches the adjustable limit contact. Contact(s) are grounded through the Swichgage® case. This gage has a self-cleaning motion to enhance electrical continuity.

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Product Specifications:
  • Dial: White on black; U.S.A. standard scale is dual scale °F/°C; others available (see How to Order)
  • Case: Plated steel; mounting clamp included (except direct mount models)
  • Bezel: Polished stainless steel, standard; others available
  • Pointer: Tempered nickel silver
  • Lens: Polycarbonate, high impact
  • Sensing Element: Beryllium copper diaphragm
  • Capillary: PVC armored copper; 4 ft. (1.2 m) Stainless steel armor optional
  • Sensing Bulb: Copper
  • Gage Accuracy: See Temperature Accuracy Chart
  • Maximum Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) through 150° F (66°C)
  • Adjustable limit Contact: SPST contact; pilot duty only, 2 A @ 30 VAC/ VDC; Ground path through encasement. Normally Closed (NC) when the high limit is met. Normally Open (NO) when pointer is in normal operating range. Contacts are gold flashed silver
  • Limit Contact Adjustment: By a 1/16 in. hex wrench through 100% of the scale
  • Limit Contact Wire Leads: 18 AWG (1.0 mm) 2 x 12 in. (305 mm)
  • Snap-Switch Wire Leads: 20 AWG (0.75 mm2) x 12 in. (305 mm)
  • Unit Weight: 20 Series: 12.7 oz. (0.39 kg)
  • Unit Dimensions: 4-3/4 x 4-3/4 x 2-3/4 in. (121 x 121 x 70 mm)

10702067 muprhy temperature swichgage 20t-300-4-1/2

10702067 muprhy temperature swichgage 20t-300-4-1/2

10702067 muprhy temperature swichgage 20t-300-4-1/2

10702067 muprhy temperature swichgage 20t-300-4-1/2

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10702067, 20T-300-4-1/2