A010TR02 ES Regapping Tool

Spark plug adjustment tool for Federal Mogul 18GZ46 / FBM80WPN with a 0,35 mm adjustingpin. As a result of erosion of the spark plug electrodes during operation of the engine, the gapbetween the center electrode and the ground electrode of the spark plugs steadily widens, andabove a certain gap thiscan lead to misfirings as it is no longer possible to generate ignitionsparks. Cleaning the spark plugs and readjusting the spark plug electrode gap can extend the service life of the spark plug up to its wear limit.

Technical Specification:

  • Scope of Tool: 18GZ46 / FBM80WPN with 0.35 mm adjusting pin
  • Weight: Approx. 0,25 kg
  • Pins: A010TR04, A010TR05, A010TR06, A010TR07, A010TR08, A010TR10, A010TR12

This product may vary on delivery times, as factories do not guarantee production due to lack of raw materials.

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Peso 0,25 kg




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