Savings for the customers

Production of the energy-saving equipment helps to cut down the costs of energy of our customers while remaining environmentally friendly. TEDOM doesn’t fear innovation. It helps push us the envelope. The company continues to develop beyond the limits expected by its customers.

The Use of Decades of Experience

So far, TEDOM has put into operation more than 3,700 CHP units and therefore has an extensive experience and knowledge within the design and installation field. Should you be interested in doing business with TEDOM, you can be assured that you will always be served by an experienced dealer who will assist you in establishing your optimum solution.

World wide delivery

Many years of experience with CHP unit installations worldwide allows TEDOM to respond flexibly to the various requirements of any customer.Together with our business partners, we are always capable of finding a convenient solution with regard to the local conditions.

Reliable Service

The key features for operators are machine reliability and on-time service. In the Czech Republic, we have an extensive service network with nine centres, with more than thirty crews and tens of professionally trained technicians. Our central warehouse has almost 100% spare parts in stock. The service partners we provide with both regular training and professional technical support are in charge of maintenance of the TEDOM CHP units abroad. By acquiring the German company of Schnell Motoren, we acquired an extensive service network with 200 service technicians.

Top Quality assurance

So that Everything Operates Properly!

Elaborate Design

The design of TEDOM CHP units is finalized to the tiniest detail so that the start up followed by the operation of any unit is as smooth as possible. Spare parts are easily available if replacement is required. This makes the ongoing maintenance of the machine more effective and it reduces downtime. Prior to each machine being dispached to a customer, an extensive final inspection is carried out, which includes a trial run of several hours.

State-of-the-Art Components

The technically advanced components from the verified suppliers are the basis of the reliability and long service life of the machines. TEDOM manufactures its own engines for a series of CHP units. TEDOM heavily invest into the development of its own products and ensures that close scrutiny is in place for quality assurance purposes. Due to high-quality craftsmanship and low operating costs, the TEDOM engines have proven to be competent and efficient in thousands of installations.

Precise and Rigorous Production

The high efficiency of TEDOM CHP units is a result of the precise design of individual parts as well as the stringent procedures used in putting all the components together. Aside from the actual design, close attention is also paid to the engine optimization for its reliable operation on various gaseous fuels.

Quality assurance

When designing the CHP units, we base our experience from the development and production of our own TEDOM combustion engines. However, we also design and produce our machines with engines from different manufacturers as, for example, MWM, Liebherr, Kubota or MAN. In TEDOM company, all the production processes and procedures are subject to strict quality control. The company is a holder of the ISO 9001 Certificate. It is also important to be environmentfriendly according to ISO 14001.

Remote monitoring

The new communication technologies available today enable TEDOM to monitor the CHP units for operation 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and to control their operation remotely from computer or cellular phone. With this level of interaction, we can easily see any deviation from the normal CHP unit operation and we can draw the operator’s attention to the necessary correction, if it is required. In addition, the remote monitoring reduces the repair time in case of failure, because the service technician sets out to the installation site already aware of the failure cause. Most frequently, mere consultation in regards to the CHP unit settings by phone is sufficient.


Power and Heat from One Source

Combined Production of Heat and Power

The combined production of heat and power, or cogeneration, is the method of electric power generation during which the heat created during the manufacturing process is utilized efficiently. This results in a very high effi ciency when the energy in the fuel is being used.

The small-sized and medium-sized CHP units are mostly designed on the basis of gas-combustion engines. The engine rotates and drives the generator. The heat from engine cooling and from exhaust gases is used for heating, hot water preparation, and other purposes.

The power produced in CHP unit can either be exploited for internal needs or supplied to the power grid. In certain cases, CHP unit can also have a role as a backup source of power in case of power outage.

Who benefits from Cogeneration

Cogeneration can be applied in any structures where heating or cooling is necessary:

  • hospitals and clinics
  • retirement homes
  • hotels
  • spas
  • swimming pools and aqua parks
  • shopping malls
  • industrial establishments
  • municipal heating plants, etc.

Supplies Energy as Needed

The CHP unit size is usually designed depending on the amount of heat necessary. Produced power will be consumed on-site, sold back to the grid, or accumulated in a battery. As a result, CHP units are highly flexible sources of energy.

Employs Non-Traditional Sources

CHP units burn both natural gas and LPG as well as various biogas types. Biogas is generated as a product of the biomass decomposition in agricultural biogas plants, municipal recycling centres, or during the waste-water treatment process. Other types of gas can be used for the production of power including mine gas, which is generated when coal is being mined, in closed mines, or at oil well heads.

Reduces CO2 Emissions

The burning of fossil fuels is always associated with CO2 emissions. The less fuel burned, the lesser the emissions produced. In this respect, the TEDOM CHP units are a highly effective solution: They utilize natural gas that has low emissions of CO2 and at the same time, they are highly efficient due to the combined production process. Thus, it is a very environmentally responsible source of energy.

Flexible Source of Energy

When compared to renewable energy sources like sun or wind, CHP units have one great advantage: it is possible to plan production of power independently of any weather conditions. This is why the CHP units are a convenient alternative to other renewable sources of energy.


Stationary Engines

Natural Gas - Biogas - LPG - Diesel

tedom engine
tedom engine
tedom engine
tedom engine

An important part of our CHP unit portfolio is equipped with engines of our own production. This concerns a power range from 80 to 200 kWe. Due to their robust construction and balanced performance parameters, TEDOM industrial engines are optimized for installation into a CHP unit. They reliably ensure heat transfer to the heating system and maintain a constant power and rotations needed for proper phasing with the electrical distribution grid.

Advantages of TEDOM Engines

Low operation cost

Easy maintenance

Long maintenance intervals

Low prices of spare parts

Long service life

More design variants

To our customers, availability of spare parts for our engines is of course also very important. As manufacturers and developers of TEDOM engines we are not dependent on other foreign engine producers and their suppliers and therefore we are able to supply our customers with the required parts in a very short time. Combined with our professional maintenance, we are able to maintain or repair a CHP unit at the customer’s location in a relatively short time and minimize the shutdown time of a CHP unit.

In more than 25 years of our existence, we have put into operation over 1,100 CHP units equipped with these engines. In addition, tens of thousands of hours of operation have confirmed the significantly higher resistance of TEDOM engines to aggressive components contained in gaseous fuel; they are therefore also highly desired for biogas applications.

Engines available on Natural gas are:

  • Standard lean-burn engines with NOx production 500 mg/m3;
  • On request lean-burn engines with NOx production 250 mg/m3;
  • Stoichiometric engines suitable for emission requirement for NOx down to 50 mg/m3.

Natural Gas – 50Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,500 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TG 85 G5V NX 86 86,0 37,1 650 / 500
TG 110 G5V TX 86 110,4 39,0 650 / 500
TG 130 G5V TX 86 132,4 38,3 650 / 500
TG 170 G5V TW 86 173,2 39,8 650 / 500
TG 190 G5V TW 86 192,9 41,0 650 / 500
TG 210 G5V TW 86 212,7 41,0 650 / 500
TG 230 G5V TW 86* 234,2 39,8 650 / 500

Natural Gas – 60Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,800 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TG 100 G8V NX 86 98,8 36,0 650 / 500
TG 150 G8V TX 86 153,2 37,8 650 / 500
TG 200 G8V TW 86 202,1 39,8 650 / 500

Stoichiometric Engines

Natural Gas – 50Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,500 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TG 80 G5V NX 88 80,0 34,3 <50 / <50
TG 100 G5V NX 88 100,3 35,6 <50 / <50
TG 110 G5V NX 88 110,4 36,7 <50 / <50
TG 120 G5V NX 88 119,7 37,3 <50 / <50
TG 130 G5V NX 88 130,5 38,5 <50 / <50
TG 150 G5V NX 88 153,9 36,2 <50 / <50
TG 180 G5V NX 88* 177,8 37,0 <50 / <50

Natural Gas – 60Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,500 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TG 150 G8V NX 88 156,8 37,9 <50 / <50
TG 180 G8V TX 88* 181,3 35,3 <50 / <50

* For stand by applications only (up to 100 hrs per year).

Biogas engines are suitable for operation on all common types of biogas like Digester gas, Landfill gas, Waste water treatment gas, etc. Standard output is declared at 65% CH4 35CO2. Engines in standard configuration could be operated on fuels with concentration down to 40% CH4 and with special accessories even down to 30% CH4.

Biogas – 50Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,500 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TB 90 G5V NX 86 88,2 37,0 650 / 500
TB 110 G5V TX 86 112,5 38,5 650 / 500
TB 130 G5V TX 86 130,4 38,8 650 / 500
TB 170 G5V TW 86 175,9 39,8 650 / 500
TB 190 G5V TW 86 191,3 40,9 650 / 500
TB 210 G5V TW 86 213,0 41,0 650 / 500

Biogas – 60Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,500 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TB 100 G8V NX 86 99,8 35,6 650 / 500
TB 150 G8V TX 86 148,3 36,2 650 / 500
TB 200 G8V TW 86 200,7 38,7 650 / 500

Standard output for LPG engines is declared for 100% Propane (C3H8). Operation on pure propane is strongly recommended. However it is possible to operate engines also on Propane-Butane mixtures donwn to 40% of Propane. For operation on Propane-Butane mixtures maximum engine power must be de-rated as specified in datasheet of particular engine model.

LPG – 50Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,500 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TP 90 G5V NX 86 89,0 33,1 650 / 500
TP 145 G5V TX 86 144,0 36,7 650 / 500
TP 160 G5V TW 86 158,9 36,7 650 / 500

TEDOM diesel engines are designed for continuous operation on full load and therefore are suitable for applications with demands on high durability and reliability. For applications with demand on lower emission productions SCR + DPF system could be applied.

Diesel – 50Hz

Motor type Mech.Capacity in kW at 1,500 rpm Mech. Efficiency at 100% load CO / NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2
TD 105 G5V NX 86 105,5 37,9 650 / 4000
TD 135 G5V TX 86 137,0 39,8 650 / 4000
TD 150 G5V TW 86 150,0 42,2 650 / 4000
TD 175 G5V TW 86 175,0 42,5 650 / 4000


Service for you

Remote Monitoring

Our TEDOM on-line monitoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the CHP unit is connected to the Internet, you can monitor its actual condition to prevent possible failures. Also, a qualified operator is always ready to help in solving any problem or answering questions relating to the actual condition of the CHP unit. If necessary, we send our service crew to the site, which are informed ahead of time about the possible problem and equipped with the necessary spare parts. By doing so, online monitoring facilitates mutual communication, reducing downtime, thus saving valuable time and the money of the customers.

Cogeneration Without Any Investments

A series of power engineering projects based on the cogeneration technology were created without the need for the owner to buy directly or operate the CHP unit. We are ready to offer the design, delivery, installation, funding and operation of the CHP units directly to the customer’s site. This way, costs are only reduced and we take care of everything else.

Training Centre

We share our many years of experience in CHP unit operation and service. We provide training sessions for our business and service partners, CHP unit operators or for collaboration projection and implementation firms. The training is provided by our most experienced employees. Most of the training sessions take place in the production facility of TEDOM, and some of them directly at the customer site.


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